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Recording attendance, although routine, is easily one of the most time consuming tasks that a teacher has to perform at the start of every day or in some cases at the start of every class. Most schools still record student attendance manually which eats up precious class time not to mention the bulky registers that have to be used and subsequently preserved for this purpose. School Nexus’s digital Attendance feature makes it is effortless for the teachers to record and monitor day to day attendance of students while at the same time ensuring that the data pertaining to the same is easily retrievable for future reference.
It greatly reduces the time spent on the tedious task of taking the ‘roll call’ thereby optimizing a teacher’s productivity and helping them concentrate on truly important tasks. Not only does our software reduce the margin for error, but is customizable to record attendance session wise or period wise. By using our software teachers no longer have to carry around bulky registers for recording attendance. In addition to the web application, we have also made available an android based Mobile App which is sleek, easy to use and aids the teachers in recording the attendant at the click of a button.