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As a parent, have you ever felt stressed about staying on top of everything happening in your child’s school life? Have you ever hoped for real time updates about your child’s activities in school? Our software aims to bring to you all of the above and more! We understand that every parent’s paramount consideration is the welfare of their child. In today’s fast paced life, it has become harder for parents to stay abreast of their child’s academic life. Further, with the increase in teacher to student ratio in most schools, teachers are finding it more and more challenging to dedicate time to schedule one on one meetings with parents at regular intervals. This causes lacuna in communication which could ultimately affect the child’s progress. Our software provides you with timely information and daily updates about all aspects of your child’s school life, at the click of a button. This helps you to monitor your child’s growth in school and in turn makes it possible for you to be more involved in their school activities.

In most schools, the ‘School Diary’ is the main means to communicate between teacher and the parent. There is however always a margin for error with maintaining a school diary and many a times the intended information does not reach the parent. Our software ensures that information is communicated definitely and effortlessly.

With our software, parents have

  • Easy access to their child’s Attendance records
  • Daily notifications regarding home work, assignments, projects, tests, pop quiz etc.
  • Intimation of test and exam schedule
  • Continuous updates about the child’s grades, scores, other assessments and report card.
  • Announcements and reminders pertaining to school events – annual day, sports day, PTA meetings and the like;
  • Information regarding the school fees payable and payment due reminders.