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School Portal is a centralized system which presents the school with an intuitive, simple and yet powerful school management tool. This cloud based system helps you to streamline several functions including but not limited to admissions and enrollment, student and staff information management, announcements, attendance, fee collection, grade book & report card generation and custom report generation for in-house analysis & management. Employing our software enables schools to save immense time in performing routine administrative tasks by simplifying the process involved thereby increasing a school’s efficiency and output.


  • Student Information System

    Maintain an extensive digital directory of students for easy reference at any time. It provides a centralized location to record and retrieve student information which broadly includes student general information, demographic information, parent details, student academic information, communication details etc.

  • Staff Information System

    Securely store, search and update all of your employee records. Apart from staff general information, demographic information, communication details, you can also add their educational and qualification details and designation information. The staff can be given user specific access rights depending on their role and responsibility in the school.

  • Class Information System

    Digital diary for the various classes / subjects scheduled in a given year. It allows you to get various classes related information such as the teacher assigned for the class, class schedule, students enrolled and also if it is a core subject at one place. The system allows you to record and retrieve information regarding the various days and the periods in which the class was substituted by different staff as well as any extra classes scheduled.

  • Grade Book

    Our Web Grade Book is your one stop solution to create, capture, calculate, compute, chart and communicate student progress. It allows teachers to create and manage assessment such as Tests/ Quiz/ Home Work/ Assignments/ Projects/ Exams etc., and grade student scores.

  • Report Card

    Automatic generation of report Cards based on the scores and the grades earned in the grade book. Our system offers teachers and staff a simple yet powerful way to generate and maintain class and student report card in a systematic manner at the mere click of a button at the end of every term of the school year including for the final term.

  • Scheduling & Timetable

    Create multiple scheduling templates for kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school. The system allows you to generate staff and student timetables based on the set up class schedule. It also allows you to easily resolve conflicts at the time of scheduling classes.

  • Online Application & Enrollment

    Our software enables you to generate application form for prospective applicants, receive filled-in applications, review application status, conduct inquiry, call for interviews, collate the data and publish merit list in an integrated manner.

  • Announcement

    Our system provides an all in one School Calendar which helps users know of school announcements and reminders pertaining to school events – annual day, sports day, PTA meetings etc., class announcements, upcoming tasks, exam schedules, project deadlines, holidays and the like.

  • Notification

    Our system enables you to send student attendance alerts and class assessment related updates instantaneously to parents. The system supports SMS notification as well as mobile app notifications.

  • Library

    Create and maintain library inventory, track books borrowed by students and their return dates and calculate penalty or fine for late returns. The system not only makes it simpler to just find books and keep tabs on books lent but also to manage stocks as well.

  • Reports

    School Nexus’ reporting tool takes in data from various sources and extrapolates it in tables, and charts so that the information is easier to analyse which in turn ensures better in house management.

  • Staff Attendance

    Akin to the student attendance feature, our software contains a digital attendance register for recording attendance of staff- both teaching and administrative. The software is simple and convenient to use with customizable attendance codes. The sytem also allows you to import attendance of your employees from your bio-metric system.

  • Student Attendance

    Digitally record and monitor day to day attendance of students. The system provides a effortless way for the teachers to record and monitor day to day attendance of students while at the same time ensuring that the data pertaining to same is easily retrievable for future reference. The system also allows you to customize the number of attendance recording sessions.

  • Lesson Plan

    The Lesson Plan is an innovative and unique feature of School Nexus. It is essentially a planner by which teachers can list out the topics or chapters that they intend to teach on a particular day for a given class / subject. The Lesson Plan component of our Software aids teachers in identifying objectives and creating a realistic timeline. Teachers can plan to sequence the course topics in a meaningful, engaging and well informed manner.

  • Dropbox

    The Dropbox is a digital vault of assignments, homework, projects, tests or such documents submitted by students for any given class. Teachers can view the various documents uploaded either student wise or class wise. The documents can be retrieved from the Dropbox at any time.

  • Examination Scheduling & Hall Ticket Management

    Schedule various exam – whether midterms, quarterly, half yearly or annual exams for different grade levels through the academic year. The software provides the ability to create examination rooms and allocate students to each of those rooms. You can also generate and issue hall tickets to the students for the scheduled exams.

  • Fee Management System

    Set up fee structure for each grade level for every academic year. The system supports for upto two accounts or bill books and also provides ability to track and manage RTE students. The system allows you to track student fee payments and outstanding amounts easily.

  • Online Test & Evaluation

    School Nexus paves the way to create online tests with the ability for auto evaluation. It gives you the control to enable and disable submission of answer sheets, link the created test to student grade book automatically for calculation of grades.

  • Gallery

    An easy-to-use online digital library of your class lectures / videos for various grade levels. The system provides you with the ability to assign access rights to videos to a specified grade level or even a particular section for a grade level.

  • Student Clearance

    Ensure all necessary dues and clearances are obtained by a student before issuing a Transfer Certificate. It also enables schools to control issuance of hall tickets, books etc. based on specific criteria’s.

  • Transportation Management

    A simple yet powerful way to configure and manage the School fleet. With our App, schools can maintain student list per vehicle, manage transportation fee structure, maintain driver information as well as fleet information like the vehicle number and FC related information.

  • Student Behavior

    You can now record and track student behavior through the software. The feature allows you to follow up and resolve student misdemeanors easily.